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Apart from the beauties around Cristina Village, there is more inside this village. As a matter of fact, when you get here, the peace and tranquility that you will enjoy makes you to quickly forget what the outside environment has for you. The river climate has inspired a special kind of vegetation that makes the environment inside Cristina Village one of lush green vegetation. The plants and flowers you see here are specially inspired by the local ecosystem. The developer decided not to interfere with this environment by allowing natural growth of shrubs and some permanent trees. 

Cristina Village has one of the best pet policies that you will not enjoy in other residences. Here, you are free to rear animals as long as they do not interfere with other people’s lives. There are no restrictions as to the numbers you should rear, but pets are generally considered friendly so there is no limit. The responsibility of pet ownership is purely on you and any discomfort they may cause to others will be blamed on you. Even if you live alone, the fact that you can keep a pet or two means so much especially for pet lovers. Also, the huge space around means you can walk around and exercise with your pet in the outdoor environment if you so desire. 

Security around Cristina Village is a high priority concern. This means inside and around this village there are patrols by some of the best guards in the area. Being in a village setup doesn’t excuse the development against some malicious attempts to gain entry here. For this reason, the security presence is on a 24-hour basis and there is close monitoring of who gets in and out of the property. However, this security detail should in no way be interpreted to mean your life is under watch as you live here. There is privacy and freedom to move around and interact with the rest of the community. The wall around this property and the gate are well done not just to prevent people from gaining illegal entry, but also to demarcate the community and set clear boundaries. 

You will enjoy the playground here. According to the subdivision plan, lots of amenities are in the pipeline, but at the moment few have been constructed. However, if you start living here, you will start enjoy the best Cristina Village has for you. The playground is excellent for you and your family as your kids jog around and interact with the rest of the kids in the community. As it is today, Cristina Village is one of the few areas that give you a holistic living experience that resembles the countryside lifestyle. 

The essentials including power, water, and sewerage have already been put in place. Being closer to a river, the developer put more effort to ensure drainage is well-planned for and handled meticulously. The underground power cables are perfect for a community such as this which has kids running around all the time. Apart from the water supplied by Bulacan Province, there are water harvesting facilities put at different sites at the development. Every homeowner is also encouraged to put in place measures for water harvesting.

  • 24 hour security
  • Pets allowed
  • Playground
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