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The accessibility of Cristina Village to markets, shopping centers, schools, and churches is one of the factors that enhances the salability of this property. The place is cozy and the environment unperturbed. 

If you have ever dreamt of owning a property beside the river, then this is the opportunity. Angat River which is also known as Bulacan River flows all the way from the famous Sierra Madre Mountain Range to Manila Bay. Ordinarily, the presence of a river closer to a property puts it at risk of flooding just in case it bursts its banks. However, Angat River is the exact opposite. Along its course, there are 3 dams: Ipo, Angat, and Bustos. These dams slow the river down and take in much of the water giving residents in Cristina Village and all those around a peaceful coexistence with this natural feature. 

On the other side of the property is Provincial Road which gives the property another key access point. From the Provincial Road, the property is to the right bordering the road. This is very strategic because going out from here is never a hassle at all. If you live here and work in town, you can get there in the shortest possible time. There are also reliable and comfortable bus systems that ply here. You can as well get private means to move you around in case you find that appropriate. 

Apart from the accessibility and the cool river feature, the infrastructure around Cristina Village is one to be envied. Close by on the other side of the Provincial Road is Plaridel Airport. This is precisely located along General Alejo G. Santos Highway. It serves not just Plaridel, but the entire Bulacan area. The airport is managed by the Civil Aviation Authority and it is classified as a community airport. Because of this airport, so many flight schools have been established around it some of which include Masters Flying School and Fliteline Aviation School. These schools are close by just a few kilometers from Cristina Village.

The influence of key infrastructural projects around and about Cristina Village makes this area preferred for investment. Still on the school factor, there are elementary schools and top academies that offer high school and college education. Lumang Bayan Elementary School, Bajet Castillo High School, and Dr. Felipe de Jesus High School are among the education greats here. 

The schools and the airport have further attracted a sizeable population not just of investors, but people who want to live here. As a result, other services have followed. If there is one thing you will appreciate living in Cristina Village is the fact that life here is not as costly as other places in Bulacan Province.

Two major supermarkets have changed the shopping experience totally around Cristina Village. One of the supermarkets famous in this area is Massway Supermarket. This is a large retail center in Pulilan, Bulacan. It not only serves the local community, but also a stopover shopping complex for passers by to other areas. There is also Robinson’s Supermarket which is a strong competitor of top of the range supermarkets in Philippines. It is located in Meycauayan Center in Bulacan. It houses several stores which stock different types of product and items of clothing both local and imported. In addition, there are restaurants and lots of eateries along the major roads which can be good areas to take your family for day outs.

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