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Duraville : Cristina Village For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Lot only ₱ 280,000 100 sqm
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
In House Financing
Interest : 12%
10% Downpayment
Balance: 90% In House Financing

To some people, investing in Cristina Village may seem a pipe dream because they do not visualize themselves living in a quiet and peaceful environment like this one. Contrary to this opinion, you can walk in sample the lots and houses and find those within your budget. Furthermore, the pricing is very friendly and there are lots of payment options available as well. 

Owning a lot at Cristina Village makes you enjoy and tap into potential of Bulacan. From here, getting to Metro Manila is just about 27.5 km. That is the industrial and financial center in Central Luzon region. Bulacan has a huge human resource base consisting of highly productive people. Growing from a tradition of craftsmanship, you will find people here very hard working which is very important if you want to invest in businesses around this place. 

Cristina Village is purely agricultural and this means living in such an environment gives you access to healthy living. If you want to do farming on your lots or grow diversified crops, Cristina Village is open to all that. The infrastructure support consisting of national and provincial roads makes Cristina Village at the center of a highly accessible Bulacan. If you want to give your life a refresh and your family a fantastic start, Cristina Village is the development to think about. 

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